Additional Features You May Want to Add to the Church App

The church can now interact with the public anytime, anywhere, thanks to applications, extending its reach beyond Sunday morning and the building’s physical limitations. Unfortunately, there have been times when the app’s users vastly outnumber churchgoers. This frequently occurs when churchgoers suggest the app, a specific sermon, an online piece, or a daily devotional to friends. The list below may interest you to redesign and add some features for more religious engagement on your best free church website builder.

Public social walls
If you use these social walls, ensure your app needs user registration to publish to walls and that your solution has an administrator panel that lets you block users who submit offensive comments.

Blog posts from church
This is essential if you run a blog because an RSS feed makes it very simple to integrate into your app. It’s pretty straightforward; your website receives immediately into the app. Send a push notification to the congregation, letting them know there is fresh content to read when you publish a new article.

An online store
Make sure you can combine your mobile solution with an e-commerce solution before choosing one. Alternatively, you might already have an E-Commerce site optimized for mobile devices and performs effectively with a plain web view.

Using social media to share
Give them messages and visuals about their great church that they can quickly publish on their Facebook and Twitter pages. Of course, the user can draft their letter, but the church’s pre-written texts make it simpler and provide you more control.

Rewards for youth attendance
A personal bible, a church hat, or a t-shirt are just a few examples of awards that can be earned based on attendance. There are countless options. All you need is a tracking system and a “check-in” function managed by young personnel. Most loyalty-based schemes have this capability.

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