How To Spot Fake Moldavite And Protect Your Investment

Collectors, take care! Moldavite imitations are widely available on the market and are designed to trick the naïve. While imitation Moldavite spiritual meaning may resemble the genuine article, a few telltale indicators can help you identify the fakes and safeguard your investment. Let’s examine some of the most typical indications of imitation moldavite compared to genuine moldavite in more detail.

Sign #1: Too-good-to-be-true price

If the price appears too good to be true, that is one of the most precise indicators of phony Moldavite. Since real Moldavite is a rare and expensive mineral, if you see a piece being offered for sale for an absurdly low price, it’s probably a fake. Any vendor that offers Moldavite for less than its actual market worth should be avoided since this is a sign that the diamond is not natural.

Sign #2: The color is off

If the color is wrong, that is another typical indication of phony Moldavite. If the color of the gem you’re considering appears odd, it’s likely to be a fake since genuine Moldavite has a distinctive green tint that is unlike any other mineral. Look for Moldavite that is consistent in tone and has a vivid green hue; this hints that the stone is natural.

Sign #3: The surface is uniformly smooth.

Real Moldavite has a unique texture that is neither uniform nor smooth since it is a natural mineral created by a meteorite impact. It’s probably a fake if the surface of the Moldavite you’re contemplating appears overly smooth or homogeneous. A genuine Moldavite will have a rough, lumpy feel; look for this characteristic.

Sign #4: The form is ideal

False Moldavite is sometimes created by casting or molding, as opposed to the variable form of real Moldavite, and frequently has a perfect shape. The Moldavite you’re considering is probably a fake if it has an exact, uniform shape. A real Moldavite will have an uneven form, so keep an eye out for these.

Sign #5: No Documentation or Certification

Last but not least, if the Moldavite you’re thinking about doesn’t come with any papers or certification, it’s probably a fake. Since genuine Moldavite is a pricey mineral, it’s critical to confirm that the gem you’re purchasing is genuine. To ensure that the Moldavite you purchase is legitimate, look for one with an authenticity certificate from a renowned gemologist.

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